Mayyim Hayyim's pioneering efforts have been featured in local and national media, including print, television and radio, and the web.

Blogs @ Brandeis

Creating Sacred Spaces in our Schools, by Noreen Leibson, Delet Faculty Leader

January 24, 2013
How Mayyim Hayyim helped Jewish Day School teachers-in-training understand the concept of "makom kadosh".

Tablet Magazine

The New American Mikveh, by Allison Hoffman
August 2012
referencing Mayyim Hayyim's consulting work with communities around the country

New Jewish Rituals Offer Comfort to Women Who Have Had Abortions, by Josie Glausiausz
August 2013
Referencing how Mayyim Hayyim provides a comforting and welcoming space for those who have had abortions.


"Trust in Transition: The Story of Mayyim Hayyim's Recent Executive Transition," by Carrie Bornstein and Aliza Kline
October 2012
referencing the transition from the founding executive director to her successor

The Jewish Advocate

Orthodox Mikveh Boomlet, by Elise Kigner
July 2011

Transforming The Mikveh, by Judy Bolton Fasman
October 2010

Mayyim Hayyim Celebrates with Memories and Song, by Deborah Finkelstein
April 2010

The New York Times

In a Scandal, New Attention to Mikvahs, by Mark Oppenheimer
October 2014 

The Jewish Week

Recession Not Sinking Mikveh Movement, by Julie Wiener
November 2010

A Post Katrina Mikveh, by Julie Weiner
November, 2010

A Bash With A Splash, by Elicia Brown
June 2009
referencing brides who've immersed at Mayyim Hayyim and the recently reclaimed pre-wedding immersion celebration.

Old Wine, New Bottles, by Gary Rosenblatt
April 2009
referencing Mayyim Hayyim and Anita Diamant's presentation at Jewish Funders Network Conference

Jewish Woman Magazine

A Revolutionary Mikveh, by Sue Tomchin
Fall 2010

Mayyim Hayyim Receives Jewish Innovation Reward - Slingshot Fund Grant
October 2009

Contact Magazine

Beneath the Surface - Taking Our Principles Seriously, by Aliza Kline
Winter 2010

Boomers TV

Pathways to the Sacred
winter 2006
Mayyim Hayyim featured on PBS video

The Boston Globe

In a post-Madoff era, Jewish non-profits retool strategies, by Hinda Mandell
December 2009

referencing Mayyim Hayyim's programmatic growth and fundraising shifts in the recessionary era.

After 10 years, Mikveh in Newton embracing new rituals by Steve Maas
March 2014 

The Jewish Chronicle - London

The Mikveh Revolution, by Elicia Brown
November 2009
referencing a woman immersing at Mayyim Hayyim regarding infertility.

Newton Tab

Newton woman performs in multicultural "waters" by Ed Symkus
March 2009
referencing Yavilah McCoy's performance in Mayyim Hayyim's benefit concert, The Colors of Water An African American Jewish Journey


Spiritual Waterworld, by Ayelet Dekel
December 2008

National Public Radio (NPR)

Feminist Jews Revive Ritual Bath for Women, by Tovia Smith
July 2006

Moment Magazine

Anita Diamant - A Mikveh of her Own , by Nadine Epstein
Summer 2008

Hadassah Magazine

Total Immersion, by Deborah Fineblum Raub
May 2006

Letting Go: A Lesbian Mom Brings her Son to the Mikveh, by Johanna Hammer


Liberal Men Take the Plunge into Ritual Immersion, Slowly, by Sue Fishkoff
June 2006