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Haviva Ner David

Wrestling with Gender and Commandment:

A Conversation with Haviva Ner-David, Tova Mirvis, and Anita Diamant

Mayyim Hayyim is excited to welcome Rabbi Dr. Haviva Ner-David to discuss her new book, Chanah’s Voice: A Rabbi Wrestles with Gender, Commandment, and the Women’s Rituals of Baking, Bathing, and Brightening.

Joining Haviva will be Tova Mirvis, Newton resident and author of Visible City, The Outside World, and The Ladies Auxiliary, and Mayyim Hayyim’s own Founding President Anita Diamant, author of The Red Tent, Good Harbor, and the upcoming Boston Girl, to be released in December 2014.  Together, Haviva, Tova and Anita will discuss their literary treatments of themes related to women and Judaism. <<More>>

From the Mayyim Hayyim Blog

Love is in the Air

Megan and Rimon

by Carrie Bornstein

Today is Tu B’Av – the fifteenth day of the month of Av – a Jewish Valentine’s Day of sorts, when we mark a day of great joy on the Hebrew calendar. With our Jewish Cupid flying around (Jupid, anyone?), I’m sharing one of our sweetest stories with you, just to make you smile.

Megan came to Mayyim Hayyim for her conversion, and was lucky enough to have her mother and Israeli boyfriend, Rimon, with her. The whole thing was lovely – in the way that all conversions are lovely: Girl gets tour of mikveh with family, boy looks nervous and excited. Girl goes in to meet with beit din…

… and then boy starts plotting to propose to his girlfriend.

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