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So Much More than Just Water: Celebrating Ten Years of Mikveh Education

Ben ChartockBy Ben Chartock

Although I am only weeks away from my college graduation, I arrived at Mayyim Hayyim when I was 12 years old, and I have a unique vantage point with which to observe the history of the mikveh. Ten years ago, I was a student at Solomon Schechter Day School in Newton, and I stood between childhood and becoming a young adult. Much of my life at that point was filled with bubbly conversations between newly formed friends, but I was aware of the serious aspects of being a sixth-grader, too. I was in preparation for my upcoming bar mitzvah ceremony where I would chant from the Torah in front of family and friends, and I was learning the meaning behind my dad’s favorite saying, “With great privilege comes great responsibility.” Mayyim Hayyim— the idea, the people, and the venue— supported me as I was making an incredibly important life transition.

The chapters of Torah that made up my bar mitzvah portion were about the topic of ritual immersion and purification, and I felt as though...(click to read more)

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