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New in the Mayyim Hayyim Gallery

Vessels: Holiness in Hand

Works by Elizabeth Cohen and Christopher Watts

February - June 2015

Opening Reception February 25 at 5:30 pm

Christopher Watts
Elizabeth Cohen












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Bounty and Despair: Hoshiah na

Shira M. Cohen-Goldbergby Shira M. Cohen-Goldberg

This has been a hard year. At this time last year my heart was a well of despair. Some of you may have read about how I emerged from having a miscarriage at 12 weeks gestation last year on this blog. Writing that post was extremely healing for me. Many of you reached out to me with your stories of despair and then of hope; or of great happiness to be followed by great devastation to be followed by great happiness again. You are a community of individuals who helped me feel loved and cared for. You reminded me that I was not alone in my despair.

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