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What if You Can't Swim

Leeza Negelevby Leeza Negelev, Associate Director of Education

When I teach about mikveh at Mayyim Hayyim, my students learn about the difference between a ma’ayan mikveh, (a natural, spring-fed or flowing mikveh) and a bor mikveh, (a human-made, part-of-the-ground pit mikveh). At which point, I stop to ask: “So, why might you care that we are able to build a mikveh indoors?”

My students have no problem coming up with reasons: regular snow storms and public nudity chief among them. This is also my moment to share my artistic skills, as I draw a shark on the white board (I’m actually terrified of all fish, but I draw sharks the best). Accessibility usually makes the list, as in, “Is there water nearby?” Last week, a student from a group of 6th graders from Temple Emunah went further, when she asked: “What if you can’t swim? What if it’s not safe for you to be out in a natural body of water?”

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