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Bridging the Gap

A mother-daughter program for 8th and 9th grade girls and their moms

Sunday January 18th and 25th, 3:00pm - 5:30pm

This program focuses on issues of mom-teen relationships -- particularly communication, the power of shared histories, and the use of ritual to create positive experiences, memories and Jewish identity together. It will build on the successful Beneath the Surface model of “just girls” and “just moms” activities and discussions as well as mother-daughter and full-group activities.
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In the News

In a Scandal, New Attention to Mikvahs

Carrie Bornstein and Anita Diamantby Mark Oppenheimer

Let’s think about the immediate reactions that different Jews had to the Oct. 14 arrest of Rabbi Barry Freundel, the spiritual leader of congregation Kesher Israel in Washington, who has been accused of using a secret camera to spy on women immersing in a mikvah, the Jewish ritual bath.

Jews throughout modern Orthodoxy, the branch of Judaism in which Rabbi Freundel is so prominent, were horrified, and ashamed, that one of theirs could be accused of an act so perverted.

Secular, Reform and Conservative Jews rolled their eyes. The mikvah is principally used by Orthodox women, who, after not touching their husbands while menstruating, must immerse in a mikvah before resuming sexual relations — a rule that strikes liberal Jews as sexist and anachronistic. While feeling compassion, these Jews may have also thought, “Why are 21st-century women still going to the mikvah?”

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